Monday, April 7, 2008

Fulbright Scholarship Program 2009

American Indonesian Exchange Foundation (AMNEF) menawarkan program Fulbright Scholarship Program 2009-2010 yang ditujukan bagi lulusan program sarjana atau staf pengajar yang berminat melanjutkan studi ke program master atau doktor di universitas-universitas di Amerika.

Beberapa program yang ditawarkan adalah:

Master’s Degree Program
Fulbright Master's Degree Program

A Sarjana (S1) degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0 (4.00 scale);
A minimum TOEFL score of 550.
The deadline for submission of application for all programs is May 31, 2008.
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Fulbright Presidential Scholarship Program (Ph.D. Program)

Indonesian citizens with appropriate qualifications as stipulated in the description below.
Eligibility and Requirements:
Preference will be given to applicants who serve or plan to serve the faculty members of the state and private institutions of higher learning in Indonesia and never received any Fulbright Scholarship;
A Master’s degree;
A minimum GPA of 3.0 (on a scale of 4.00);
A TOEFL score (min 575).
The deadline for submission of application for all programs is May 31, 2008.
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nayunda said...

ka gaffar...klo fulbright scolarship buat apply tahun 2009 udah ada infonya blm?
trus sistemnya kita cari sekolah sendiri trus dibiayain sama fulbright atau dibantuin sama aminef??
thx b4

Anonymous said...

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